Red Ribbon Gang — is a NFT collection of 10 370 unique characters dedicated to World AIDS Day on December 1st.
All capital raised from the initial sale of NFTs will be donated to the AIDS charity followed by 8% from sales in secondary market.
are unique Red Ribbon Punks characters featuring symbolism of World AIDS Day. All capital raised from initial sale will go to charity.
Floor price = 0.01 ETH
To draw public attention to the HIV problem in Russia and in the world.

Reduce the growth rate of the epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Reduce public hostility towards HIV-positive people.

Show that NFT collections are a real opportunity to help people and not just mindless digital art.
10000 NFT
from the Red Ribbon Stars collection featuring famous people whose lives are associated with HIV or AIDS.
These unique NFT tokens cannot be purchased, they will be drawn between the owners of the Red Ribbon Punks collection.
8% of secondary market sales will go to charity.
370 NFT
of the project
HIV remains a major global public health problem, with more than 75 million people infected since the outbreak of the 1981 epidemic. The virus has claimed more than 32 million lives to date.
The spread of HIV is declining around the world, including in Africa, which is home to 2/3 of HIV-positive people.
Only in Eastern Europe and Central Africa is the rate of spread increasing.
Russians are HIV positive
People in the world are HIV positive
new cases of HIV infection in Russia
in 2019
94 668
of all new infections occur in Russia and the CIS countries

36 868
HIV-positive Russians died
in 2018
HIV problem in Russia and in the world
1st place
by the rate of HIV spread in Europe is Russia
38 years
is the average age of death from HIV-related diseases in Russia
Project goals
AIDS.CENTER foundation was established in July 2016. In September of the same year, "AIDS.CENTER" became the winner of the Snob project award "Made in Russia - 2016" in the nomination "Social Project"
The goal of the AIDS.CENTER Foundation is to ensure that people living with HIV in Russia have the same quality and life expectancy as their fellow citizens without the virus.
1. Coverage of the problem

2. Raising funds

3. Redirecting funds to organizations with will and ability to influence HIV crisis.
MOB Digital is an association of crypto enthusiasts. Our goal is to make socially significant projects in the field of modern technologies.
Board of Trustees:
Anton Krasovsky - founder of AIDS.CENTER, journalist, publicist and political strategist. Director of broadcasting in Russian of RT TV channel.

Sergey Abdurakhmanov - director of AIDS.CENTER, a nominee in the ranking of the 30 most promising Russians under 30 according to Forbes in 2020 in the category "Social Practices".
  • Alexander Pronin - Chief Physician of the Moscow Regional AIDS Control Center, Candidate of Medical Sciences;
  • Oksana Pushkina - journalist, deputy of the State Duma of the VII convocation, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Family, Women and Children;
  • Konstantin Dobrynin - State Secretary of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers, Senior Partner of the Pen&Paper Bar Association;
  • Pavel Lobkov - journalist, presenter of programs on the TV channel "Rain", Candidate of Biological Sciences;
  • Grigory Kaminsky - Doctor of Medical Sciences;
  • Evgenia Zhukova is the Head of the Epidemiology Department of the Moscow Regional AIDS Control Center.
How do I get a character from the Red Ribbon Punks collection?
One of the 10,000 randomly generated characters of the Red Ribbon Gang can be purchased for a fixed price of 0.01 ETH on OpenSea.
The arts will be uploaded in portions of 1000 NFT per day for 10 consecutive days. This is done so that those who first understood the value of the project do not receive a monopoly.
How do I get rare celebrity art from the Red Ribbon Stars collection?
We do not sell celebrity art from the Red Ribbon Stars collection. Celebrity art is distributed among all Red Ribbon Punks art holders. Every day 1 celebrity art will be drawn for 365 consecutive days. Five more arts will be distributed additionally at special events.
How to increase the chance of getting art from the Red Ribbon Stars collection?
The chances of getting art from the Red Ribbon Stars Celebrity Art Collection increase depending on the number of RED RIBBON PUNKS in your wallet
10 Red Ribbon Punks give 12 chances (10 basic + 2 extra)
25 Red Ribbon Punks give 35 chances (25 base + 6 extra)
35 Red Ribbon Punks grant 44 chances (35 base + 9 extra)
50 Red Ribbon Punks give 65 chances (50 base + 14 extra)
100 Red Ribbon Punks give 128 chances (100 base + 28 extra)
200 Red Ribbon Punks give 250 chances (200 base + 50 extra)

Maximum stacking bonus will be capped at 250 chances.
Calculation Example
Case 1: If you have 12 NFTs from the Red Ribbon Punks collection in your wallet, then you get 12 basic chances + 2 additional ones for 10 Red Ribbon Punks.
Only one bonus can be applied for the number of RED RIBBON PUNKS at a time.
Case 2: If you have 20 NFTs from the Red Ribbon Punks collection, you get 20 base chances + 2 extra for 10 RED Red Ribbon Punks. If you buy 5 more Red Ribbon Punks, you will get 20 base chances + 6 extra.